"Who better suited to teach and start drone master class than Jay Worsley? He makes everything so relatable and understandable. This class opened my eyes to the real capability and uses of my drone and I see shots differently because of it. His explanations of his thought processes showed me the limitless capabilities of my Inspire 2.

People say ‘the sky is the limit’, but in the case of drones, your creativity is your limit. Jay’s masterclass will remove your own thought limitations and teach you the real capabilities of yourself and your drone."

Filmmaker, We Devoted Films

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Jay Worsley


“The Drone Master Course shows how to approach shooting and editing drone footage from the perspective of a true filmmaker. Everyone can tell the difference between a drone film that was beautifully crafted, and one where somebody just hoped for the best after they threw a drone in the air (we’ve all been there). But this course really dug into the details of how to make creative choices while shooting and editing, and what to do with my films once they were completed.

This course covered tactics I seriously hadn’t even considered before. It thoroughly explained and demonstrated every topic, and helped me understand how to create more intentional and creative drone films.”

Filmmaker & Photographer

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Jay Worsley


“With how accessible drones are to people it is easy for just anyone to pick one up and start flying it. But it takes a true artist to understand the craft, it's movements and functions in a way that utilizes it so as to actually tell a story with even just a single shot. That is exactly what Jay does, and the best part is that he teaches you.

From a foundational understanding of what to bring, how to scout locations and use light, to more advanced movements, crafting an edit, color grading and marketing yourself, he covers it all.

After going through the classes I wanted to take an epic road trip and put what I learned immediately into practice. Whether you are a complete novice or have been droning for years, this is a class you won't regret investing in”

Filmmaker, Joyce Films

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Jay Worsley


"Just when you are at a point where you think you know enough to do an exceptional job in your industry, you come across an extraordinary vital tool that will completely reshape the way you think!  Jay Worsley has stretched the boundaries of aerial cinematography and has compressed years of experience into this exciting Drone Master Class. This is an amazing opportunity to get beyond the normal and stand out above the rest. 

As an Australian based Filmmaker, this Master class is relevant to any drone operator worldwide. I would highly recommend this for anyone not just wanting to advance in their drone operating skills, but also to have forward thinking towards the edit, grade, and distribution process, at a high industry standard." 

Filmmaker, Free Sky Films

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Jay Worsley


“As a filmmaker, you are always trying to think outside of the box and improve your craft – and as one who uses a drone for telling a story, it becomes even more crucial. With this drone master class, The class addresses anything and everything you need to know or should know when it comes to filmmaking with drones.

 In the process of watching these easy to follow and informative videos, be prepared to be challenged in the way that you push your own creativity with your drone – in the best way possible.” 

Filmmaker, Produco Films

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Jay Worsley


“Whether you own an Inspire 2 or are thinking about buying your first drone, Jay’s masterclass is 100% worth it. Jay is a passionate, award winning filmmaker and holds nothing back - he shares all of his tips and tricks.

I highly recommend Jay’s masterclass to anyone who wants to drastically improve their drone filmmaking work.”

Filmmaker, Wild Oak Films

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Jay Worsley