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After countless awards, interviews, and publications from films he has created, Jay has become a leader in the the drone and film industry striving to share his knowledge and experience with others. Working with brands like Amazon, LG, PetSmart, Samsung, and more, he has grown his experience to a new level. In this course some of his lessons include “Shooting Locations and Scouting”, “Getting Your Footage Out There”, “Story and Emotion”, “Color Grading”, and many more!

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Based in Southern California, Emily is an award-winning photographer and videographer. With a focus on composition, colors, and contrast, Emily’s unique aerial videos and stills have caught the attention of industry influencers. She has been recognized and collaborated with brands like DJI and Tiffen. In this course some of her lessons include “Droning Over Whales”, “Creating Vertical Panos that Mesmerize”, “Social Media Presence and Growth”, and more!

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As an FAA licensed drone pilot, commercial photographer, filmmaker, speaker, professor of design and visual experience, Dirk is seen as a leader in the drone industry. Having founded FromWhereIDrone, a leading drone photography and cinematography social media and website that provides tutorials and inspiration to drone pilots. In this course some of Dirk’s lessons include “Find the Right Image for Your Story”, “How to Catch Attention”, “The Right Drone for The Right Project”, and many more!

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