Music Bed

Music can make or break a film.  The diversity of songs, quality of music, and over all user experience is unmatched.  DMC covers the different ways you can utilize Music Bed from specific ways to search, watermarked downloading for previewing songs in your edit, and more.  New content is consistently put out to keep things relevant and current.  MusicBed has exclusive offers for DMC members.




Licensing footage can be tough.  POND5 has partnered with DJI to make licensing your footage more accessible and profitable.  POND5 gives insight to DMC members on this exclusive partnership.

On top of licensing footage, POND5 is a leading resource for accessing content to put in your films.  DMC and POND5 highlight finding and adding in natural ambient sounds to help bring your film to life.  POND5 has exclusive offers for DMC members.



Lens Distortions

DMC has partnered with Lens Distortions Cinematic video effects and Sound Effects to highlight how their effects can bring your aerial footage to life.  Effects that draw your viewer into your film leaving them with a sense of awe, emotion, and story.  Lens Distortions effects are subtle so the viewer isn't distracted by the editing effects, but rather utilizing the effects to enhance your already gorgeous footage. Lens Distortions has exclusive offers for DMC members.